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According to dictionaries, consciousness is defined by the knowledge, intuitive or immediate reflex, that each one has of its existence and that of the outside world. It is the clear mental representation of the existence, of the reality, of such and such a thing.

Spiritually, I define consciousness as what each of us is in the universal sense. There is no qualifier to add behind the "I AM".

From an energetic point of view, this consciousness materializes as a ball of energy, a set of frequencies, without defining its form, limits or a particular structure. Our consciousness contains :

a conscious part, this information is accessed by the mind. These are all the things that one knows, understands, that we are aware of and can express.

unconscious systems but based on what we can partially understand. As each of us comes from parents, we can easily deduce that we have programs passed down from generation to generation, without access to understanding their content. If you believe in reincarnation, you can add to this the information from these lives, often defined as Karma. And of course there is the intrauterine life that also participates in who we are. We know that these subjects exist without understanding their content and implications.

and then probably, a whole nebula of information totally outside our field of knowledge, conception and conceptualization. Basically, the things that we don't know that we don't know them, that make life is life.

This set is at the origin of our behaviors, our choices and decisions, our ways of acting, reacting and interacting. It influences our way of thinking, creates filters on our perception of reality. Maybe even our consciousness influences our physics, our genetics, a vast subject that we haven't finished exploring...


The mind and emotional are in the center of our lives. Everything we do, everything we do, everything we experience involves both mental and emotional systems. The first is the basis of thoughts and reflections, the second is the basis of feelings. And it is completely natural to think and feel things.

However, some unpleasant feelings may persist: all the emotions that we repress inside ourselves, that we are unable to verbalize, may crystallize in different parts of our body. In short, what is not expressed is printed ! If you have ever taken the time to observe your body when you are anxious, for example, you may have noticed that emotions generate more or less important physical symptoms. However, it is difficult to have sufficient hindsight to be able to do so . At the same time, when these sensations become chronic, they modify the tolerance threshold of each person, making sensations of the same or lower intensity go unnoticed. This is how the observed imbalance finally becomes habitual and common, and can therefore be, without appearing to be, the starting point towards a more important imbalance.

When some people talk about cellular memory, I prefer to say that these emotions are integrated into our body in the form of more or less perceptible tensions. These tensions accumulate over time. It is not the intensity of a stress but rather the duration or frequency to which we are exposed to it that generates more or less tension.

All these mini symptoms will lead to mini physical and energetic imbalances, compensations, forcing your body to adapt as well as possible or badly to the experience. The consequences range from pain to physical blockages, from fatigue to depression, as well as organ dysfunctions and various diseases.

What doesn't express itself is printed !

It is up to each person to implement the most appropriate solutions to restore the balance essential to the well-being that everyone needs.


Everything around us is made up of energy. Energy is simply information that vibrates. And it is scientifically proven that electromagnetic fields exist around every object in the world we know. While in the scientific world they are often referred to as energy fields, in the metaphysical world this energy is referred to as a person's aura.

Nikola Tesla said : «If you want to unlock the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequencies and vibrations».

The aura is neither a figment of the imagination nor an illusion, but a real phenomenon. There are moments when you feel the positive or negative vibrations of an individual, it is the aura of the person. It is a direct reflection of what exists deep within our true self and our physical, emotional and spiritual condition. This cloud, also called the auric egg, is composed of vibratory frequencies that contains absolutely everything we are, our beliefs, our thoughts and emotions, our experiences, our illnesses... The aura is constantly fluctuating, affected by our environment and our way of life and interacts in real time with our physical body, which is the dense body that allows us to interact with the matter of the earthly world. The physical body is under the total influence of the auric field. The aura has the infinite capacity to deform, retract, expand, twist and turn according to our experience. This is why a badly managed experience will be able to cause a distortion in the aura that will immediately lead to sensation and physical disorder.

The aura is composed of different layers, vibrating at different frequencies and completely intertwined, each having a particular "function" :

  • Etheric layer : It is the exact mirror of our physical body on the subtle plane, it is programmed like the anatomy of the human body on the subtle plane. It is the body that ensures vitality and health.
  • Emotional layer : This second energy envelope is associated with the feelings and emotions we experience or have experienced.
  • Mental layer : It is the seat of thought. Our imagination, thoughts and actions are born in this plane before manifesting themselves on the physical layer.
  • Astral layer : He's like a double, allowing the dream, among other things.
  • Spiritual layer : This layer contains all types of beliefs, on a global level, not necessarily religious, everything that we believe we are and that conditions our way of being.
  • Causal layer : This envelope contains the imprint of all the causes and effects of our experiences. The causal plane has complex links with the other planes. Sometimes a situation (place, person, smell, sound ...) can generate a negative feeling without knowing the reason, because it resonates with an element registered in the causal layer.

Every distortion in the aura created by the emotional or mental, more generally by conscious or unconscious experience, will generate an imbalance and discomfort in the broadest sense. Every element of our life is subject to moving away from our basic balance. It is the awareness of this imbalance that leads us to work to try to restore and maintain it. In relation to the emotional and mental, there are simple methods that can be implemented individually and personally. Here are some ideas for adapting to the situation...

  • Communicating sometimes helps to dispel misunderstandings. What is not said is often the cause of misunderstandings that exist only in the imagination. To exchange is to make sure that the message we wanted to convey has been correctly and completely understood on the one hand, and on the other hand, that we are sure that we have correctly perceived what we have been told.

  • Express oneself allows you to avoid suffering and "taking it upon oneself" (printing), especially when you disagree.

  • Mediation allows reconnection to oneself, to the place and the moment. Recalling your past and your regrets, projecting your fears into future events make your body experience the same emotions as an identical situation actually experienced. Anchoring in the present through meditation is necessary if we wish to maintain our balance, past and future existing only in our thoughts.

  • Chilling out through breathing techniques, relaxation or sophrology is necessary for the management of emotions and thoughts. Allowing them to exist ensures a better controlled calm during an important emotional influx.
Listen to your body, it emits an alert every time something goes wrong. Being aware of it is already on the way to a solution.

These examples, most of the time simple to set up, must progressively become reflexes necessary for a good mental and emotional balance. Most of the time, these techniques only allow us to manage conscious events, provided that we already have a state close to the original balance. It does not matter how it manifests itself: when imbalances linked to an accumulation of events, conscious or unconscious things, or when physical, psychological or other blockages appear, it may be necessary to use a holistic (global) approach, such as cleansing and putting your aura back in place.