About Me


My name is David. I have a scientific background and after a major professional retraining, I have been working as a sports coach since 2004. It is a job based on exchange and human contact, one of the reasons why I chose it. Since 2007, I have gradually evolved towards activities that combine both physical and mental well-being. I was able to observe that sporting activity revealed more clearly the imbalances of our body, as if unusual movements based on speed, lifted loads or impacts amplified the small daily ailments. I even concluded that sport does not hurt, the problem was already present, latent and waiting for the circumstance to break the physical body. This observation is the starting point for all my research and analysis, with the aim of understanding the path that brought us to this state and the search for the solution.

Looking for a balance for myself, I simply followed the path that has been open to me since 2012. I discovered the Sylvotherapy that I still use because it allows a beginning of the process of rebalancing and liberation. I followed different trainings that allowed me to become a sophrologist on the one hand, and to complete my knowledge of the physical body according to an energetic approach (acupuncture, Jin Shin Jyutsu, reflexology, lithotherapy) on the other hand. It is by working with a channel and a shaman that I was able to open and develop the capacities I use. All my gratitude to my friend François who has marked my evolution so far, thanks to Astrid who gave me the keys to access these abilities and a big thank you to Anne thanks to whom I have acquired power, as well as softness and accuracy in my channels.

These abilities allow for a much more global approach and combine all the techniques that I have been able to apprehend. My experience and my path allow me today to channel a protocol in the most accurate way, in an individualized way, in order to liberate the body, restore its regenerative capacities and reconnect each one to its deepest essence.