Blog : Movement et action

  Jun 15, 2021         663

Movement et action

Life is a perpetual movement, and movement is at the service of life and regeneration. Each of us follows a movement of our own, according to our vibrations, our intentions and what we have to live and, therefore, to fix.

Have you ever felt that some things have magically worked out perfectly, in a way that would never have gone so well if you had planned it? Events just happen without you deciding. Movement follows the deepest intentions, and if you are aligned, the movement works for you. Will you trust it enough to follow it blindly ? Trust is that necessary openness that allows the fluidity and lightness without which it is complicated to observe the signs, the synchronicities, and take advantage of the opportunities that arise along the way.

We often confuse movement with action. The action is decided by the mind, induced by the will in relation to a system of opposition to the reality in order to elude it, to flee from it, under the pretext of not wanting to understand the situation that is presented to us, for unresolved fears, impatience, etc..., the reasons are multiple. The mind thus comes to parasitize the movement establishing calculated directions, thinking that it has the solution. By doing this, the movement slows down, gets blocked, or we can even temporarily leave the path we have traced.

Of course, it is not forbidden to launch actions, but if they are not successful, you will have to understand that your path is not there, not now, not in this place, not in this way... Basically, your actions give you the impression of moving forward but they are not in consonance with the movement, and it is advisable to resolve at the level of consciousness the patterns related to all these. This makes it possible to clarify the situations in which the decision-making system falls into vacillation and loses the discernment between what is right or wrong, what corresponds to the path to follow or to the will.

Meditation is an excellent form of first intention to try to distance the thoughts and clarify the underlying problem.