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Diseases or "Illness said", how does the link between our emotions and our physical appearance...

According to the concepts of Yoga, the body is like an instrument for the development of consciousness. Like all instruments, the body has its own language and rules. In the Western world, there is a tendency to ignore symptoms or to act repressively against them, rather than trying to decode its messages, understand their origin and solve their cause.

The steps of disease formation

In his 7th century work, Vabghata, at the origin of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, speaks of six stages of disease development :

1. Psychic : This is the causal stage, at the subconscious level. The cause is always linked to a conception of the ego interacting with the outside world. This is represented by a catchment system from which patterns can be constructed.

2. Energetic : The constructed pattern will be able to weave itself into the nadis, energy channels of the aura (which seem to correspond to the meridians of the physical body used in acupuncture).

3. Neuroendocrine : The imbalance is transmitted to the physical body which interacts directly with its aura. This manifests itself as a dysfunction of the endocrine system, which creates few visible symptoms.

4. Endotoxic : Toxins develop in different parts of the body due to the neuroendocrine system acting in a biased way.

5. Visible symptomatic : The accumulation of toxins leads to the appearance of clinical symptoms.

6. Terminal : The intensity of the toxins or the duration can lead to the physical transformation of the organ, which can even lead to its destruction.

In short, when a symptom appears, the cause may already be long established. The symptom is the last alarm signal issued by the system that requires action to be taken. The more the problem is felt in stages 5 and 6, the more complex the corresponding energy system is and may have ramifications to other nested systems. In an aura harmonization energy session, one works at the stage 2 level, and only when the elements of stage 2 have been deconstructed can one work at the stage 1 level. Actions at the stage 2 level have a greater or lesser impact on the subsequent stages depending on the cross elements remaining in the overall system.

Finally, there are many works in the literature that relate probable causes and effects on the body. This can help decode body language, which in my approach is even more complex. There are events in the history of each of the events that can be remembered as the cause of various ills, but there are also those that are totally hidden. We can therefore also choose to work in a preventive way, well before the arrival of the final stages ...