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Anxiety is difficult to live with when it is repetitive... Everyone has phases of anxiety sooner or later in life. A drawing is better than a long speech, it should enlighten you and make you aware of the ins and outs of the phenomenon in order to help you to overcome them or at least to experience anxiety in a different way.

It is necessary to understand that each one observes life through his own filters, which are based on our experiences, our fears, our shortcomings with which our consciousness has been built. It is therefore logical, when a situation presents itself, that it makes us go into an anxious state, especially if this situation reminds us of these famous fears from near or far. It is almost impossible to avoid projecting oneself. Projection is what we imagine could happen, with countless worst-case scenarios feeding each of our fears.

Remember, you were in a place or on a journey when it happened to you, and you lost several minutes of what happened before your eyes because you were projecting yourself. Each scenario will generate countless assumptions in the mind that will increasingly confuse the mind and prevent us from taking a step back. Emotionally, you will absorb each imagined scenario as if it were real, implying on the physical body a whole bunch of hormonal reactions that will have other effects afterwards (fatigue at various levels, physical blockages to name only the most common and frequent).

As you well know, this is all irrational. With experience, you realize that in almost all cases, nothing happens as you imagined it would. So what's the point of anticipating and hurting yourself so much ?

My advice is this: Observe well the drawing that summarizes all this system and when you find yourself projecting yourself, be conscious of trying to relativize and discipline your thoughts. If something happens, act on real events and not on fictitious elements produced by your imagination.
If you have some time, meditate and look for the root cause, what makes you anxious... the underlying fear... If you identify it, you're halfway there. Perhaps then you should try to work on it: By neutralizing the cause, you will neutralize the associated anxiety and all related phenomena...