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Powerlessness is our inability to do anything, to change things. You have to understand that the direction in which we want to give things corresponds to our vision, and this orientation is completely driven by our reality and our mechanisms, created during our experience acquired in the course of life. So this is a projection of our past into our future, thus eliminating other possible futures from our field of vision.

This powerlessness generates various emotions and mental mechanisms : anger, sadness, fear, denial, injustice and our mind is constantly negotiating with these elements.

However, in most cases, our mind cannot find the solution to this powerlessness and remains stuck in it, often preventing us from being aware of our true power. A system only exists because a majority makes it real. Fighting this system comforts it in its existence while directing its energy to other aspects allows it to stop feeding it. Firstly, it's necessary to act in consciousness and recognize that some changes are beyond our reach. A simple example : If you want to work for the environment, instead of attacking polluting industries frontally, completely adapt your consumption pattern, that is your true power. If a critical mass of people move in the same direction, that's where the line changes.

The matrix (3D: see the blog) tries to keep us in this mode of operation based on duality (good/bad, shadow/light, right/wrong) and drags us into this mode of binary thinking, in the heart of which powerlessness feeds.

The 5D (see blog) invites us to the unity within ourselves, to make the choice of no-choice and no-judgment, to drive our consciousness towards the concrete. This capacity of resilience allows us to access this power already available within us.