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What is the 5th Dimension ? (lived in canalisation)

All that we perceive in the physical, in matter, is what we call the 3rd Dimension (space). This dimension is captured by the classic receptors that are the eyes, ears, tongue, skin and nose. Our 5 senses are designed to capture only the elements of matter.

Basically, the 4th Dimension is set upon time.

The 5th Dimension has always been there, more subtle, and vibrates at a much higher frequency. We are conscious in this dimension, so that part of our consciousness is present there, as a "double". This double is an integral part of our consciousness, and is for the moment inaccessible or made inaccessible by the beliefs inculcated in the matter. If the 3rd Dimension is entirely based on duality (good and evil, shadow and light, joy and sadness), the 5th is based on unity. This access allows our reconnection to quantum intelligence, the one with the right answers, the one that allows self-healing, the one that allows the fluidity of life in every sense of the word, the one that allows confidence in life. At this level of vibration, all systems of consciousness are interconnected.

Only a mindless state allows access to this magical part of our consciousness, just as access to this dimension allows the resolution of belief systems that block us in matter.

It is necessary to work hard enough to clarify the systems holding us in the matrix so that we can gradually access this dimension.
The goal is not to connect to this dimension, but to integrate it in such a way as to unify our consciousness, thus opening up the whole field of possibilities.