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Get out of the matrix...(lived in canalization)

Life is a real play : Humans gesticulating, each one playing an extremely well-oiled role. This theater comes sooner or later to interact with your conditionings, so you are unable to resist, and you too play your role, even without your own will, without you being aware of it.

The magic of life is the one of nature: the energy of life that flows through every living being. Nature follows the seasons without asking itself the slightest question. Within us, the breath makes its incessant sweep, our cells renew themselves to the point of becoming an almost new body every month. All this is extremely well regulated and follows the impenetrable laws of the universe.

This magic is completely obscured by this play, and even if we happen to catch a glimpse of it, our field of vision is quickly obstructed by the play which is played out in matter, to the point of hypnotizing us, dictating actions aimed at controlling nature, life, death, on which the illusion of being able to do so is perfect.

You must release the chains that make you participate in this comedy, so that magic can operate without limits. This magic goes far beyond what can be seen.

Achieve your mission by coming out of this "sub-mission" ! Reconnecting the divine part of Being is the key for everyone.