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Today we live in a society that makes us anesthetized people. Like zombies, we have lost the very essence of who we are, our root of Being alive, our creative power. I'm sure you sometimes feel like you're living in slow motion, or feel like you have a lot of desires or ideas that don't work. It's that part of us that can't express ourselves anymore, the feeling of having a life that's just a bland version of what it really could be.

To solve this, most believe that the consumer society will help them to get better, be happier and have the life they dream of. That's what advertising and marketing says, which sells us happiness in the act of consuming. Everything is done to trigger immediate pleasure and strengthen our ego, the more we go in that direction, the more we consume. And the more we consume, the more we need to consume. The problem is that all these weapons isolate us and disconnect us from this power that is within us, and make us soulless Beings who only think about consuming.

As the pleasure is quick and immediate, it quickly fades away, giving way to the great emptiness already present the day before, pushing us again to consume more to be happier. Among the most consumed elements are television and series, movies, music, outings, clothes, technological gadgets, social networks and their bundles of trivia that fill up time, "likes" and notifications, and even relationships. Almost everything is available quickly and unlimited.

Everything is done to make us consume and occupy our minds. We constantly have something on our mind, constantly looking for something new>, which will never be good enough for us in the end, and which will always lead us in a desperate quest for something better that will make us feel good.

In the end, how much time does it give us to be just ourselves, calmly and without external solicitation to be just connected to who we are, to listen to ourselves in the feeling. Everyone knows himself through the mind, because since we were children we are taught to think. But true intelligence is not intellectual, the more mind there is, the less we have access to it. Intuition, creativity, instantaneous perception of things without analysis are accessible when we come out of mental conditioning and ego. Changing this vibration connects us to a whole bunch of perceptions, something greater that allows us to appreciate each thing at its true value. There is satisfaction, there is deep happiness.

The world is going crazy, so busy are people consuming and making their egos grow and want more and more. The world is in the image of those who create it, everyone is partly responsible for it. If we are in ego, in power, in individualism, in domination... the world will be the same. And it is not the fault of the world, it is we who must change - Not the television, but the one who watches it - Not the consumer society, but the consumer - The real power is in each one of us, the solution is not at the top of the pyramid, but at its base.

It is not a question of understanding all this intellectually, because for example everyone knows that eating in fast-food restaurants is bad for your health, yet there are more and more people. Everybody knows that spending too much time in front of screens is bad for your mood and vitality, yet many people get caught up in it. It's a matter of understanding this inwardly, so that the things that used to run our daily lives have less and less influence and needs change. The solution is this freedom that everyone has the power to regain, the return to the essential and to simple things.

"Madness is always doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result" (Albert Einstein)