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Many people talk about it, but do you really know what these famous chakras are? If you are in search of balance and serenity, simple explanations on the subject can be useful to you.

Chakras in short...

In Sanskrit, a chakra designates a wheel that rotates, constituting a center of reception, assimilation and transmission of vital energy between the interior and exterior of our Being.
There are 7 main chakras positioned along the spine, playing a key role on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels.
The chakras are essentially blocked by our fears, our anger, our sorrows, our lies to ourselves, our attachments ... Awakening one's consciousness consists in facilitating the circulation of energy from the base to the top of the skull.
Each time we balance a chakra, our perception changes, our patterns and mechanisms change, our physics adjusts. And to be able to bring and maintain balance in the World, it is necessary to have achieved more balance in oneself.

The opening of the 7 chakras on video (only in French)

Better than a long speech, I recommend this cartoon in 3 seasons, Avatar, the last Airbender... an excerpt of which follows (10 minutes about).