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In this particular time of pandemic, we can conduct interesting experiments. We have always hypothesized that everything in the universe is vibration and consciousness. The Human Being is energy and consciousness, and so we can work in the subtle planes and in the energetic bodies, this is the purpose of the sessions I have been giving for several years.

The last few sessions we've done show some amazing things: People with symptoms that appear to be related to covid-19, respiratory problems, nausea, nasal congestion, headaches... all show a similar configuration of energy planes, as if the presence of the virus or symptoms could be visualized. It is a strong, very present energetic imprint that parasitizes and disorganizes the system by creating important shifts and several cracks between the physical body and the energetic bodies, as if the physical was no longer bathed in its entirety by our vital energy, leaving certain areas of the physical as "dead".

The latest observations show that it is possible to restore the initial system, correcting faults and misalignments to recreate a unity between the physical body and the energy planes, which seems to bring the physical body back into operation in a relatively short period of time.

Remember that energetic work of any kind should never replace medical consultation or treatment.