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🗣 : Universe, why put me in the pangolin ?
✨: This animal, Corona, is on the verge of extinction. And yet men continue to poach and eat it... This will be the first step in my lesson.

🗣 : All right, universe. Why do you want it to start in China ?
✨ : China is the symbol of globalization and mass production, small. This country is overpopulated, it produces in mass and pollutes in mass .

🗣: That's right, universe... But at the same time it's because other countries have a financial interest in it too, right?
✨ : Yes kid, that's why your mission is going to be to spread all over the world, and mainly in all the countries concerned by this system, Europe, the US, the oil producing countries?

🗣: What shape are you going to give me, Universe?
✨ : That of a virus that will primarily infect the respiratory tract.

🗣 : But why Universe ?
✨: Kid, you see, these days men are endangering the planet. Pollution has become too great, but mankind does not measure the extent of it. What could be more symbolic than breathing small, do you understand ?

🗣 : Yeah, but does that mean I'm going to be a dangerous universe?
✨ : You won't be any more so than a lot of other existing diseases, kid, and you'll be much less so than pollution itself, which generates thousands of deaths! But the difference is that you will be visible...

🗣 : All right, universe. But you think this thing of yours is going to work, so I don't know how ?
✨ : You're right, kid. That's why I'm gonna make you very contagious. You're gonna spread fast. The speed of propagation will be far greater than your dangerousness.

🗣 : Okay, but then if I'm not that dangerous, do you think they'll be scared of me ?
✨: Oh, boy, yeah, trust me. That's what I'm counting on to change people's mentalities : Fear.
It's only when man is afraid, that he can change then...

🗣 : You think so ?
✨ : Yes kid, and I'm going to add a whole context to amplify the fear and awareness.

🗣 : What universe...?
✨: Fear will take over so much that people will be confined to their homes, you'll see. The world will come to a standstill. Schools will be closed, public places will be closed, people won't be able to go to work. Cruises, planes, transportation will be empty...

🗣: Oh la la, universe, you're going far, but what do you expect from this ?
✨ : Let the world change kid ! May Mother Earth be respected ! That people become aware of human stupidity, of the inconsistencies of lifestyles and that they take the time to reflect on all this ... Let them stop running, discover that they have a family and children and time with them. That they can no longer resort to outside over-activities because they will be closed. Reconnecting to yourself, to your family, that too, kid, is essential ...

🗣 : Okay, but it's gonna be dangerous, the economy's gonna crash...
✨ : Yes kid, there will be big economic consequences. But we have to go through this. It is by touching this too that the world will hopefully become aware of its inconsistencies. People will have to return to a minimalist lifestyle, they will have to go back to the local, and I hope to mutual aid.

🗣 : How am I going to transmit myself ?
✨: Through human contact. If people kiss each other, touch each other...

🗣 : Strange, Universe, now I'm not following you, you want to recreate the link but you keep people away ?
✨ : Kid, look at the way men work today. Do you think the connection still exists? The link goes through the virtual and the screens. Even when men walk around, they no longer look at nature but at their telephones... Apart from kissing, there wasn't much left of the link... so I'm going to cut off what's left of the link and exaggerate their shortcomings... by staying confined to their homes, chances are that at first they enjoy the screens, but after a few days they'll saturate... look up... discover they have a family, neighbours... and open their windows just to watch nature...

🗣 : You're a tough universe, you could have warned before you hit that hard...
✨: But Corona, before you I sent a lot of other little ones... but it was just too localized and not strong enough...

🗣 : Are you sure the men will understand this time then ?
✨ : I don't know, Corona... I hope so. Mother Earth is in danger... If that's not enough, I'll do everything I can to save her, there are other little ones waiting... But I trust you Corona... And the effects will be felt soon... You'll see the pollution will diminish and it'll make you think, men are very intelligent, I also trust in their potential to awaken, in their potential to create new possibilities... They will see that pollution will have fallen exceptionally, that the risks of shortages are real because of having relocated too much, that the real luxury is no longer money but time... we need a global burn-out, small, because humanity is fed up with this system but is too much in a spiral to be aware of it... It's up to you...

🗣: Thank you Univers... So I'm gonna go...

(source Nana, the Art of Self-Being)

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