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We are all born with power, that is, the ability to conceive, create and achieve what we imagine, be, do and have. This is the true nature of each of us, not the one invented by those who try to tell you who you are from the first day of your life. This is how divisions are formed in all relationships and in society.

Control over people is part of the process that creates any disagreement, any dispute, any division, any war, in order to get what one wants without worrying about the other. What is unfortunate is that those who seek to control are not aware of their intention or what motivates them to act in this way. All strata of society are affected, from the simple mother to the highest office, everyone seeks power, believing they have the best ideas, but no one holds the truth. Since our earliest childhood, our education has led us to believe that competition is a driving force for self-realization, we strive to achieve the ideal of the best. Only the winner has the recognition, nobody remembers the others who have given their best to try to reach the first place.

The more people who recognize us, the more we believe we are important and worthy of being loved. In truth, nothing can replace the love we have for ourselves, not even the love of millions of people. Comparison with others is proof of a lack of self-love. Because we have no love for ourselves, we seek to compensate for it in others.

This self-love begins with the self-knowledge, interest and passion that we consciously have for ourselves. Nothing in our education makes us aware of who we are, but rather of what we have. This is the greatest illusion! Real power is not power over people, but the power to love oneself, to love others without wanting anything in return, unconditionally. Love does not exist in power over others, it is rather selfish behaviour, a false power that seduces those who have no consciousness of themselves.

We are born with power, i.e. the ability to choose the life that interests us.

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